About Us

Who We Are


Laurie Fisher heads up a talented team to create website videos fitting your company's needs. With more than 25 years in the industry, she lends her experience to helping you tell your story, marketing your message.

A Cal State Fullerton alumni, Laurie began her career working for the Anaheim Police Dept. There she gained hands on video production experience & learned to tell the stories of con men, prostitutes, and gangsters.

After her "life of crime" she worked for Cox Communications, producing a variety of marketing, informational, and sports programming. Now she is dedicated to bringing video marketing to the masses, helping to brand your business and grow your company.

What People Are Saying


"I've had an opportunity to work with Laurie on creating a promotional video for the annual "Spirit Run for the Arts," and was so grateful to have her lead and talk me through her vision to make my contribution to the video easy and professional. We were all so happy with final result." - Jerry Burdick-Rutz, Band Director, Great Oak High School

"Laurie was excellent in helping me to define the message I wanted to convey to my potential clients. I appreciated her ability to simplify my many thoughts and ideas into a message that captured the essence of my brand. Her expertise and years of experience is obvious in the way that she takes leadership in the process and offers specific and constructive feedback.  She made what to me was once an overwhelming and somewhat vague message to a clear and concise message. She has been a huge asset in helping me tell my story and get my message out there!" - Angela Caceres, Founder, TASI casa

"Laurie takes the time to invest in the issue that is important to us to help find our voice to express our values. All of our projects went from rough ideas and a collection of videos and photos to a refined message driving the point home. Laurie's care for each voice is evident in her diligent, inquisitive, and energizing way she approaches each project."

- Ken Yagi, VECCS Boardmemeber

Why Call Us


Content marketing goes beyond simply selling your product. 

It offers something of value to your customer, creating brand awareness and loyalty. 

Video is the perfect fit for a variety of content marketing strategies. 

It can introduce you to your customers, it can explain how your product works, it can show the benefits of your business...through video you can share your story...your passion...your purpose.

Give us a call and start telling your story today.